Boat Covers & Canopies

Whether it's new or replacing an existing cover, we can make and fit it to your boat. Let us give your boat a fresh new look!

Boat Covers & Canopies

Your Central North Island Boat Cover Specialist

Canopy & Bimini Covers

Canopy frames can be bent up to suit customer requirements, with a canopy cover made up and fitted to frame. There is also the option to have clear front panel with zipped hatchway, plus also option of side clear curtains and back drop fitted to back of boat if required. Canvas and PVC options available.

Bimini frames also bent up in option of alloy or stainless steel tube, canvas covers made and fitted to frames. Option of making up front clear screen with sides and back drop also optional if required.

Using high quality canvases, clear PVC, PVC with other light weight options available if required.

Boat Covers

Screen to stern covers made to fit your boat (road cover). Overall storage covers made to fit your boat and specifications.

Hatch covers, winch covers, boom covers made to fit your boat. We can make almost any cover to fit almost any boat to your specific needs.


We offer a waterproofing service or can sell waterproofing product direct to you to do yourself.

High quality acrylic canvases used or can use a high quality PVC or PE sheeting plus other lightweight fabrics available. Alloy tube in mill finish, white or black available along with stainless steel tubing in 20mm or 25mm. Stainless steel and, nylon boat fittings and zipping, etc available for any repairs you may need.

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Boats Covers & Canopies

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