Truck Tarps & Covers

From truck & trailer covers to Ute Tonneau covers, cage & safety covers, & repairs - we custom-make these to any requirements.

Truck Tarps & Covers

Your Central North Island Cover Specialist

Central Trim has a large covered drive through area which enables us to carry out fittings and repairs to trucks, farm machinery, motor homes, etc as required.

Truck Covers

We make and fit curtainsider covers and roll over covers to trucks. High quality 900gsm PVC used and ripstop PVCs also available in various colours as needed, plus we can supply and fit track, poles, pelmet rubbers, tail straps, buckles, rubber seals, rave hooks, etc as needed. Clear coating is also an available option.


Central Trim are well known for their robust custom made tarps. These can be made to meet your specific requirements; roll over tarps, reefed tarps, zipped, etc.

Ute Tonneau Covers

Ute Tonneau Covers made to fit your utility vehicle, custom made to fit around bars as required, fittings, track, centre bow bar and option of Ute loops or shockcord and eyelets to suit your needs. We have high quality matt black and leather grain black PVCs available.

Trailer & Cage Covers

Custom-made trailer and trailer cage covers made to fit with optional zipped openings and clear PVC windows where required. Options to fit cover to trailer; eyelets, shockcord loops and metal moss hooks, domes, track, stayput fasteners, etc. High quality PVC in many colours available so you can match your cover to your Ute and / or business logo.

Safety Covers

Safety covers and screens made and fitted to suit. Specialty covers for small or large machinery – you name it, we can cover it. High quality, fire retardant and marine grade materials are available if required. Machinery Covers, Pool and Spa Pool Covers, Sand Pit Covers.


Repairs for truck curtains, covers, tarps and covers etc as required with a quick turnaround time – you can bring your truck in to us or we can some to your location no worries.

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Truck Tarps & Covers

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